Learn How a Dog can...

  • Become a 'Service Dog'
  • Become an 'Emotional Support Dog'
  • Earn the title of a 'Therapy Dog'

About Us

Who We Are

We are a Colorado based company.  The owners of Dedicated Dogs, Patti Davieu and Sherry Shayne, understand the true potential a dog possesses. A skilled dog trainer, Patti, and a long time dog owner, Sherry, have joined forces to provide specialized training to those individuals with specific needs. We stay up-to-date on the latest laws governing Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs and Therapy dogs.

Unleash The True Power of a Dog

Our proven training techniques will meet your specific needs. We will personally customize a training program designed to ensure that a dog will reliably provide its owner with the assistance needed as either a 'Service Dog', 'Emotional Support Dog' or a 'Therapy Dog'.

Now Is The Time

Get the help you deserve from the professionals who will get the job done!

We will show you how a properly trained dog can give you the help you have been needing.

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Our Services

service dog emotional support dog therapy dog

We will assess your specific needs so that your requirements are properly met.  

Where is the Training Done?

training in your home training while boarded

You and a dog can be trained right in your own home, or, we can bring the dog to our facility and board the dog for training with handler training at your home at a later date.

Can I Have My Dog Trained?

Basic Obedience to start, your dog or a new dog

If you are needing a dog to provide specific services and would like us to help you find the right dog, we will do just that.  If you have a dog, we will assess the dog's temperament to determine if your dog can meet your specific needs.

How Long Does Training Take?

Well trained dog, providing a service, a service dog

Basic Obedience is where we begin.  Whether a dog is a 'Service Dog', 'Emotional Support Dog' or a 'Therapy Dog' they must have the basics down pat.  The time needed for training will be determined.

When Do We Start?

trained dog providing a service to support a person

Right Away! The benefits of employing a dog to help you are incredible.  Dogs have been proven to provide support, love and loyalty beyond reach.  We are here and we are ready to begin your journey!

Contact Us

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We Will Be Happy to set a time to come and speak with you in person.

Not sure what type of Dog Training you are in need of?  No worries, we will assist you by assessing your needs for the perfect fit!

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Contact us at anytime of the day and we will be sure to be there for you!

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